The End of The Literary Game

I truly hope that The Literary Game has been useful to my readers, but unfortunately I must announce that I will no longer be updating this blog.

I’ve told my readers all along that the key to success as a writer is to work hard, work smart, and write unceasingly. I strongly believe that this philosophy will lead to success for any writer who does just that.

When I first started getting published two years ago, I knew that my efforts were receiving the only outcome that could possibly happen if one takes their writing career seriously. The truth is that if I didn’t work hard scouting different publications, editing my poems, and writing all the time, I would not have started my literary career. However, little did I know what would be in store by holding firmly to those same values that allowed me to get that initial break.

So here’s the big news: The reason I am shutting down The Literary Game is because I have received an amazing advance from one of the Big 5 publishers for $75,000, with a guarantee of 50% of all sales from my upcoming book, ’86 Mets. Representatives from this publisher told me that my voice was reminiscent of some of the brightest names in modern fiction, comparing my writing style to Jonathan Lethem and Michael Chabon.

I can’t possibly think of what more I can do to help any aspiring writer than end the updating of this blog on such a high note. I truly wish that you will be inspired by my example, and go on to great heights in your own literary career.

With gratitude,
Alfonso Colasuonno
Founder, The Literary Game