Editing for Aspiring Writers – First Chapter Free

Hi Friends,

It’s been a while.

First of all, my last post, the one from April 1st, was a practical joke…kind of. I have been brought on to assist an amazing new startup as their writer, and as such will be penning an excellent series of books. I will keep everyone posted with more information, as it becomes available to share.

However, I am still working as an editor.

I want to share with my readers an amazing new offer: I will edit your first chapter (up to 2500 words) for free. There’s no opportunity for buyer’s remorse. If you don’t think my work is good, you don’t have to move forward with me, but I’m sure that you will when you see how effective my editing is at bringing your vision to the page.

Please feel free to click here, or email me at alfonsowrites at gmail dot com to book my services or learn more.

As always. thanks for spreading the word by sharing this post on WordPress, or your social media. 🙂