I’m Not Just An Editor and Publishing Consultant, I’m A Writer Too!

Unfortunately, it is all too common to see aspiring writers give up on their dreams after dealing with the initial frustrations that all writers face. Anyone who sets out to become a published author soon realizes that it is not a quick process. There is a great deal to learn about technique, networking, publishing, etc. before it is possible to make the leap into literary success.

The goal of The Literary Game is simple – to provide all the tools necessary to pave the path of success for aspiring writers. I trust that through my blog posts, Q&A service, and Fiction Writing 101 course, any aspiring writer would have all the free resources required to “learn the ropes.” Now, for those writers seeking more personalized and intensive assistance to speed up the process, I also provide my services for hire as an editor and publishing consultant.

While I have a grandiose vision for The Literary Game – to become the primary resource on the Internet for aspiring writers – I want my readers to know that I do not just write about writing, I actually write too! I would be honored if you would not only read my blog posts, but my creative writing, as well. I have created a new section of The Literary Game on the site’s dashboard, titled, appropriately enough, My Writing. Please feel free to browse through my original works of fiction and poetry. I would love to know what you think!

Reproduced below is one of my poems, originally published in The Camel Saloon.

At The Gatsby Party

by Alfonso Colasuonno

I love their cruelty,
the way they target you,
the way they straddle you,
like the horses they ride,
and the horses they request,
and I bear their decorum,
that false front,
behind the cocaine lines,
and the hammering up of Oxys,
and the trust accounts,
and the meds,
and the therapists,
and the galleries,
and the night life,
and the scornful glances at your closet,
and the way their hair curls
against the lightness of their eyes,
and the perfumes they wear,
and the lives of leisure they live,
and I say to them,
hey, rich girl,
and sometimes they reply.

I hope that this poem whet your appetite to read more of my creative writing.
In success,

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