Wanted: Your Fiction and Poetry Submissions

I caught the mentoring bug back in 2013. Back then, I was working in Monroe College’s English department. A vacancy had sprung up in the faculty sponsorship of the campus Poetry Club. I thought what the hell, let’s see what these kids have to offer.

Some of the poets, eh, they didn’t do much for me; however, I was blown away by some of talent in the Poetry Club. Most notably, by my friend Shawn Hudson, whose grim poetry detailing life on the streets in the Bronx really appealed to my gritty and edgy sensibilities.

Talent can come from anywhere. Sure, many of the “name brand” authors deserve their reputation. No one is questioning that they’re good. But as both a writer and a businessman, I’ve made a career out of finding diamonds in the rough.

Are you a diamond?

Sending Your Submissions

Here’s the deal. My blog posts can only help writers in the abstract; however, every situation is distinct. That’s one of the reasons why I’m opening The Literary Game to submissions. I want to help writers directly.

Of course, there’s a condition. You have to be brave. I’ve been a publisher and editor at literary magazines for six years. Form rejections are polite. That politeness doesn’t help authors. An author who receives a form rejection often has no idea why their work was rejected.

I’m doing things differently.

Every author who sends me their work agrees to the fact that they will receive an honest critique. If your work is derivative, full of spelling and grammatical errors, and awash with missed opportunities, I’ll tell you just that.

It comes down to a question: Do I want politeness or do I want the truth?

If you want politeness, please go elsewhere. If you want the truth, I would love to check out your writing.

Submissions Guidelines

I’ll try to keep this simple.

Fiction: I’m accepting both short fiction and novel excerpts. Samples exceeding 3,000 words will be deleted unread. All writing should be pasted in the body of an email.

Poetry: Send up to three poems in the body of an email.

Cover Letters: If you truly like this blog, please go ahead and mention it. If you’re just looking for free feedback or a chance at a publishing credit, that’s cool. No need to BS by including a cover letter.

Genre: All genres accepted.

Email: theliterarygame at gmail dot com

The Fun Part

Works of exceptional quality will be published on the blog, but so will works in dire need of improvement.

My goal here isn’t to embarrass anyone, but rather to be honest about what needs major improvement. On that note, for the truly brave among the authors whose works are declined, there’s an option to have your writing featured on the site anyway with my feedback. This is a direct way to educate readers on how to avoid certain traps. Not cool with that? No worries. I’ll only publish rejected submissions with your consent.

What Are You Waiting For?

Email your submission to me today at theliterarygame dot gmail dot com and/or share this post with your literary-minded friends.

In success,



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