Embracing the Struggle Podcast #1: Shawn Hudson

Hey everyone. I’ve decided to start a new podcast called “Embracing the Struggle.” The podcast is centered around long-form conversations with emerging authors (and others in the creative and entrepreneurial spheres). In these talks, my guests share their experiences as up-and-coming talents and offer tips for others traversing similar paths.

My first guest was Shawn Hudson, author of the novel Just Us, a work of urban fiction. Shawn and I chatted about his writing process, work-life balance, the political nature of all art, and more.


You can listen to my conversation with Shawn by clicking play below.

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If you want to pick up an eBook of Just Us, click here. If you’d prefer a physical copy, click here.

Follow Shawn at @RBGLiterature.


Feedback on Shawn Hudson’s poetry.