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Riding in Cars with Girls (Published with Pretty Owl Poetry)
86 Mets (Published with Beautiful Losers Magazine)
UFO (Published with Farther Stars Than These)
The Back Page (Published with Spexy and He Knows It)


At The Gatsby Party (Published with The Camel Saloon)
Smallpox (Published with I am not a silent poet)
1-9-7-7 (Published with ppigpenn)
Sex Change (Published with Rusty Truck)
80-Year-Old Woman in the Indian Restaurant (Published with Vintage Poetry)
Flatlands (Published with Vintage Poetry)
On Moving to Rural Western Pennsylvania (Published with Vintage Poetry)
Flannery O’Connor (Published with Vintage Poetry)
For All The Girls in the World (Published with Quail Bell Magazine)
New England (Published with Yellow Mama)
Facing God (Published with Yellow Mama)
Johnny College (Published with Pink Litter)
Body Temperature (Published with Pink Litter)
Jazz (Published with The Galway Review)
Titration (Published with Dead Snakes)
Gutter Punk Poets on the 7 Train (Published with Zombie Logic Review)
Clubs and Coke (Published with Zombie Logic Review)
A New American Prayer (Published with Zombie Logic Review)
Shotgun Blows (Published with Zombie Logic Review)
Fortunate Son in Pennsyltucky (Published with Zombie Logic Review)
Hipster on the L Train Performing A Soliloquy (Published with Zombie Logic Review)
Section 8 (Published with Zombie Logic Review)
Why I Don’t Call Myself A Social Darwinist Anymore (Published with Beautiful Losers Magazine)
Smyrna, 1993 (Published with The Eunoia Review)
Tired of Torch Singing (Published with In Between Hangovers)
Manifest Destiny (Published with In Between Hangovers)
Oral Herpes (Published with In Between Hangovers)
Gypsy (Published with Record Magazine)
Halfway Across, Halfway Up (Published with Record Magazine)
Not Going in n+1 (Published with Record Magazine)
Gravedancer (Published with Record Magazine)
4:30 AM (Published with Randomly Accessed Poetics)
A conversation between X-lovers (Published with Gutter Eloquence Magazine)
Epic fail of an attempt by a dumb writer to win back yet another ex-girlfriend through Gmail (Published with Winamop)
Wasps in BFA Programs (Published with Winamop)
The Merits of Depopulation (Published with Winamop)
Letter to A Young Librarian (Published with Visceral Uterus)
Big Boys (Published with Fuck Art, Let’s Dance)
Social Significance (Published with O Sweet Flowery Roses)
I Hate Poetry (Published with O Sweet Flowery Roses)
A Love Poem to RJ Reynolds (Published with O Sweet Flowery Roses)
Manifesto (Published with O Sweet Flowery Roses)
Bad Education (Published with O Sweet Flowery Roses)
American Spirit (Published with O Sweet Flowery Roses)



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