Links  – Duotrope offers a database of literary magazines and provides helpful information on these publications, including: acceptance rate; estimated response time; type of material accepted; and whether simultaneous submissions are accepted.

Poets & Writers – This site provides an assortment of valuable material, including: a list of literary contests; a database of small presses; a database of literary journals; a calendar of literary events; a current list of jobs for writers; and a database of MFA programs.

Writer’s Digest – The makers of the big book!

Gotham Writers’ Workshop – Not just for New Yorkers. Gotham has excellent faculty that gets right down to teaching the nitty-gritty.

Smashwords – If you want to self-publish, consider Smashwords. Their royalty rates are very fair.

The Elements of Style – Strunk & White’s Bible of grammatically correct English. The University of Washington has uploaded a free copy of this work on their Web space, but consider purchasing your own copy as a ready-reference.

Purdue OWL – Not just for academic writing.

Know Your Copyrights – A Legal Guide for Writers – Howard G. Zaharoff explains the essentials of copyright law and their applicability to writers.

Don’t see one of your favorite writing-related websites? Do you host a relevant website or blog and want to share your link? Simply use the form below to tell me more about your site:

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